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>> live at the scene tonight with this breaking news... >> we just got an update... this started as a child abduction case. police say there was no chase involved. the burgundy car was stopped in the parking lot.
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the suspect hit one of the officers with his car police opened fire. police will not save the suspect was armedy if the suspect was armed. they removed a child from the back seat of the car >> i heard the shots and got down. that's when they got the baby out of the carter
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>> i am glad that the baby was not hurt. >> the officer is in fair condition. he has a broken leg. the suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the child was taken to the hospital with in good conditioin good condition. it started out as a child deductionabduction... it police officer was hit by the the suspect was shot. >> in less than 48 hours voters
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across america will cast their ballots for the next president of the united states. some of them still not sure who they will vote for. >> change is not measured in words and speeches. change is measured in achievements. so let's look at that record. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policies 'til after the election's over thats definitely not change. that's oldest trick in the book! president obama, from florida to new hampshire. mitt romney, iowa to ohio. their pace - frantic. this race - tight... according to the latest polls. even a state like pennsylvania -- once solidly in mr. obama's column, coming into play for romney. chicago's mayor weighs in: it's a close election. i think
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pennsylvania is secure, but you don't take anything for granted. both sides agree the easiest road to victory..runs right though ohio. "romney is doing well in ohio. you know, polls don't decide elections, voters do." house speaker john boehner says he's confident. and while congressman paul ryan tailgated with cheeseheads in his home state - wisconsin... the democrats bring out secret weapon bill clinton in new hampshire. then - there's the sandy effect on voting and opinion.. new jersey's governor having to reassure republicans romney still gets his vote. "i don't know why telling the president he's doing a good job when he's doing a good job equals an endorsement." in areas still without power because of the superstorm, new jersey residents can cast a paper ballot in guarded trucks, or vote by fax or email. new york city is relocating and combining some polling places... and...sandy's not the only cause of voting trouble. in florida - no stranger to
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election controversy - state democrats are suing to extend early voting in some counties. after unprecedented turnout and long, long lines. tempers flared... with some waiting as long as 7 hours. those who couldn't wait...didn't vote. >> in this city of chicago more than 243,000 people voted early. some waiting up to four hours to cast a ballot yesterday. this year we fell just 17,000 ballots short of the 2008 record. we actually had five fewer days of early voting >> stay with us for the latest on the election. you can go to our website or follow-ups on twitter. tune in wednesdaytuesday night as we begin our live coverage at 7:00
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>> power outages, gas lines, and housing problems continue in the aftermath of hurricane sandy.. with another storm on the way later this week. in the six days since the storm hit, more than a hundred people in ten states have died.. and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are still without power. there are long lines to buy gasoline.. and rationing is now in effect in northern new jersey. overnight temperatures are dropping into the 30's in new york and new jersey. a nor'easter is expected to hit the area by wednesday.. with a potential for high winds more beach erosion, rain and flooding. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says 30- to 40- thousand people in his city alone may need housing. governor andrew cuomo says many people are now living in homes that are uninhabitable. >> when the temperature drops in the heat does not go on at that is when there uninhabitable.
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we're going to have tens of thousands of people who need housing solutions right away >> today's new york city marathon was canceled. some of the runners spent the day delivering supplies to relief centers >> police are looking for help from the public in the search for a missing suburban woman. the 32 year-old was last seen running from her boyfriend's home on october 21st. today some of her friends and family searched the area. she has not been in contact with anyone since the night she disappeared. she left behind her car in a terse cellphone. she has three young children. given the formation you're asked to call police. her family has also set up a facebook page >> a minor derailment caused some major headaches on the c-t-
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a's red line today. an eight car train headed from evanston to downtown jumped the tracks just south of the loyola street station around three o'clock. about 30 passengers were moved up to the first two cars which didn't derail, and brought to the granville station. no one was hurt. service has been shut down in both directions between howard street and granville while crews work to get the remaining six cars back on the tracks. they hope to have full-service returned by the morning >> a rehab milestone and personal triumph for senator mark kirk who made his first public appearance since suffering a stroke early this year. he was among the people who climbed the stairs of willis tower sunday morning raising money for the facility that's helping him recover. randi belisomo was there when kirk reached the top.
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>> he has not been seen publicly since his stroke in january. it was to benefit the rehabilitation institute of chicago where he has undergone extensive therapy. he said, "i'm here where's the beer?" >> we have seen it so much progress since he first came here to us... he has just done amazing things >> no word if the senator will return to washington. his
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medical team says his progress thus far is remarkable. >> it started with just taking a few steps >> senator kirk wasn't the only "stair-master" facing a physical challenge today. 31-year-old zac vawter made the full 103 floor climb while wearing a groundbreaking prosthetic leg controlled by his thoughts. vawter's right leg was amputated after a 20-09 motorcycle accident. his surgeon repositioned the exposed nerves to new spots in his hamstring, "rewiring" the nerves for future prosthetic use. vawter has been working with the rehabilitation institute of chicago in testing the device.
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now he just needs to think "climb stairs" and the leg responds accordingly. >> i go up the stairs just like you would. it is processing the signals >> the leg is built out of aluminum alloys and weighs about nine pounds. zac's willis tower climb was the bionic leg's first test in the public eye. coming up on wgn news... updated information on the funeral of captain herbert johnson.. the chicago firefighter who died friday night. a horrendous accident at a pittsburg zoo leaves a little child dead. and the newest addition to chicago's o'hare airport....the dreamliner has arrived. hello jim...
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i will have details and the forecast just ahead... break [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts which is why he trades with a company
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fatal hit and run crash. a 240 yr old was struck as he was crossing the street around 930 saturday night. he suffered
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traumatic injuries to the head and face. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are looking for a dark colored mercury >> funeral services will be held later this week for a veteran chicago firefighter killed while battling a house fire. 54-year-old captain herbert johnson died of inhalation injuries he suffered in the fire friday night in the gage park neighborhood. the cause of that fire has not been determined. visitation for captain johnson will be held from 3 to 9 p-m wedensday at saint rita high school.. 7740 south western avenue. his funeral mass will be held at 11 a-m thursday at the high school.. which johnson and his children attended. pittsburgh police and the allegheny county medical examiner are investigating the death of a young child attacked by dogs at the pittsburgh zoo.
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the two-year-old boy was visiting the zoo with his mother and friends today when he fell off a deck into an exhibit.. where he was mauled by a pack of african painted dogs. it isn't known if the child died from the fall, or from the attack. police had to shoot one of the dogs. the zoo was closed after the incident.. it will be closed again tomorrow. >> coming up we this is america.
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from houston to chicago landed this morning at o'hare airport. it was inaugural flight of united airlines' new 7-8-7 dreamliner. wgn's sean lewis reports. >> as it pulled into the gate ... a welcome from the ground crew. the passengers walked off ... >> it is a pleasure to bring it to chicago... >> after a long career in >> this is a generational progress and aviationin aviation.
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it was a delight for me to bring it in here and landed on the runway it on the runway. >> the boss is united ceo... it is amde from lighter composite materia made from lighter material >> passengers will see the difference as well... led lights... air system that cuts down on jet leg
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>> this tops our big baneverything >> it is a lot more calming... >> united is the first domestic carrier to fly the 787 >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next... break tonight on instant replay... the bears game in a record-setting performance... also tonight aboutthethe vikings... all
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tonight at illinois lottery drawing...
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pick 3... 9 0 3 pick 4... 1 8 9 9
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lucky day lotto... 7 25 2 33 24 break
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beautiful day today... good weather for election day? >> cloudy, a few passing showers possible for election day. the cool snap will break midweek. we may reach 70 degrees next saturday. time lapse camera... a few classroouds... the high temperature for today was 48 degrees. temperatures across the
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area... tonight... temperatures will drop into the low 30's. not much wind to speak of this evening. the air is quiet. radar... action out to the west rain occurring. in central
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minnesota they havea snohad snow. we may get some passing showers from this. we will watch very closely. tonight clear skies early. low temp 32. tomorrow...
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afternoon cloudiness high of 53 degrees. tuesday... possible afternoon showers... high temp 51 degrees. the temperatures shoot up on thursday... fall off the next day... temperatures recover nicely saturday and sunday. with possible rain >> our chilly weather could not keep their runners a wedding runners
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the hot chocolate 15 k and 5 k run took place downtown early this morning. runners were out while many of us were still sleeping. a race started at 7:00 in the morning. 40,000 people are turned out for the race including the mirror. runners also raise money for the ronald the mcdonald house charities >> that is the news for this sunday night... >> instant replay is coming up next... break
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